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Good Speech Recognition In Web Apps

My experience with most speech recognition is that it cannot understand one tenth as much as a human. However Google can get my voice for some reason.

This feature can be very useful in mobile applications if the speech recognition is good, and Google has made this technology available for commercial use.


Check out this demo:


Render a 3D Object using CSS

I never knew I'd use geometry and trig math again, but the 3D rendering world makes me dust off that knowledge. Here's how to make a floating barrel:

A 3D object can be created in JavaScript using a small set of functions for creating primitive geometry. The simplest object that can be created is a plane, which is basically a <div> element. Planes can be added to assemblies, (a wrapper  <div> element) allowing the entire object to be rotated and moved as a single entity. A barrel or drum is simply a tube containing planes rotated around an axis, with a top plane and another for the bottom.

The result is this: