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VS POS - Point of Sale Management

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POS software that's simple to use, but powerful to run your business






VS POS is a a state-of-the art sales system combining point of sale functions, back-end management and robust reporting.  It is geared toward the service industry, and is particularly adept for salons and boutiques.

VS POS is designed to run in a browser. This means it runs on most computers, touch screens, and tablets.  The screen layout automatically adapts to the screen size it is running on.

While VS POS is flexible, VS POS is optimized run on Windows 7/8 or IPad, and interfaces best with Epson receipt printers and compatible cash drawers.  We recommend Mercury Payment Systems for card processing.  We can provide the hosting and backup services.

VS POS can be customized with your branding and tailored to suit your needs.

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Partial list of functions:

 POS Functions

- Sale/Return

- No Sale

- Punch In/Out

- Suspend

- Daily Report

- Schedule

- Customers

- Gift Cards




- Multiple Locations

- Users

- Items / Taxes

- Inventory

- System Configuration

- Emailer

Much more..





- Sales Summaries

- Sales Detail Reports

- Customers

- Items & Inventory

- Time and Schedule

- Activities

Other custom reports..



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